Swanson Studio


Communication Arts - An Experience to Remember


From "Communication Arts: An Experience to Remember," by Claire Sykes:

The buzz of the crowd fills the 6,000 square feet of a former print shop in Portland, Oregon’s trendy Pearl District. Some 400 guests mingle and view huge portraits of young female gymnasts hung from the ceiling, and on the walls, those of swimmers, bowlers, a jazz drummer, a slam poet and others, all muscling their physical, imaginative and mental might. Videos of these same athletes and artists flash from screens translucent and double-sided, huge and curved. The 20 Spirit of Sport concepts, each paired with a written narrative, urged the crowd to interact with them during the one-night-only event in spring 2017. For the fifth time since 2010, Swanson Studio celebrated its creative brilliance, collaborative advantage and community camaraderie in the event it calls “20/2”...

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