Swanson Studio


APA - Muscle Man: Marcus Swanson


"Seagulls circled the sky above Marcus Swanson, and he pointed his camera at them and clicked the shutter. A few days later, when he saw those birds soaring again in the first darkroom prints he ever made, those 40 years ago, he felt “mesmerized,” as he puts it. Today he looks back on that afternoon on the Oregon Coast and sees it as the start of what would one day become Swanson Studio.

Now in its 25th year, the Portland, Oregon-based photography studio “captures the focused intention, in both still and motion, of beautiful moments in athleticism, sports lifestyles and physical activity,” says Swanson. Nike, Adidas, Coke and Microsoft; and agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy, Droga5 and The Richards Group, among others, have turned to his studio for images of Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, NBA and NFL players, and other famous names. The unfamiliar also have flipped, floated, dashed and sat before the lens in the company’s 6,000-square-foot former-print-shop space and on site. Swanson’s images of running shoes, track pants and sports watches join those for Diet Coke, Powerade and Starbucks, appearing in magazine and television ads, brochures, billboards and catalogues..." 

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