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The Lift Projects

Synapses spark. Veins open up. Blood rushes.
And we breathe our brilliance:
Fresh imagination. Novel ideas. Clear insights.
Lifting everyone to new heights.

Seven years ago...
Marcus Swanson challenged his team of photographers, producers, and retouchers to come up with 20 projects in 2 months, and build an exposition at the end of those 2 months to show the finished work to friends, family, and peers in the industry. This was the beginning of a series of 100 projects that became 20/2.

In the process, we began to collaborate with many people outside of the studio, realizing that when we include others outside of our close-knit circles, we can create so much more — and take our projects to unexpected heights.

We want to share this experience with our community and start a creative movement in Portland that is based on collaboration. We want to pay it forward and create an environment where creatives can reach out, connect, and do the projects that they have always dreamt of. These are The Lift Projects.

The Lift Project Leaders:



A connector of dots and people. 

A design & logistics wizard with an innate sense of how to make design work flawlessly. Having worked with some of the world’s most-beloved brands, including Nike and Apple, he always brings a keen eye, steady hand and resilient energy to all his pursuits. 

He is currently a partner and studio director at Slabtown Creative in Portland, Oregon.



She dreams big. Really big.

Boundless curiosity and the ability to adapt to any creative environment. She believes the strategy and process behind design is just as important as the design itself. She is a forward thinker, thrives in chaos, and always finds a way to get the impossible done — whether working for non-profits, or industry giants like Apple, H&M, Jeep, and Adidas.

She is currently a Creative Director and Brand + Digital Designer at Struck in Portland, Oregon.

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